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The World Map is an open world where players traverse in Lost Ark.


In Lost Ark players can travel freely around the world using their own ship as seen in the trailer. Players can set sail on random adventures and discover new areas or visit different islands. When you're out on the sea, you will also be able to visibly see other players ships exploring or looking for areas. Characters can even go treasure hunting in search of random Treasure by using the ships crane. Sail far enough and you can discover various unique areas! Sailing the seas isn't always going to be safe like the random ghost ship appeared in the trailer video. Once you board the ghost ship, you can hunt the special boss for rare loot!

Players out in the sea can captain their ships and engage in various activities. You can gather fish with nets, or salvage goods with cranes. If you're familiar with navigation, then it's time to set out and explore new lands. You can even hire ice breakers to forge new sea routes. Be careful for Ghost Ships, which will chase you down. After a long journey, you can discover new, uncharted lands; Find out for yourself what fortunes await you there, and maybe you can find Secret Routes.

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