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Striker is an advanced class for the male martial artist found in Lost Ark. He is primarily a melee class that uses light knuckles as his main weapon.

Additional Info

Striker is a martial arts class that attacks enemies like a strong wind. Since he is equipped with a variety of physical skills with fast movement, he displays splendid aerial combos after hitting enemies quickly, and uses powerful elemental skills to turn the battle.
~ Official Description


Due to the complexity of the skill system, all skills on this page are displayed at level 1 with no effects applied. Please see the skill page for additional information. Scaling damage values are represented by X.

Specialty Skill

Normal Skills

Icon Name Level Req. Cooldown Description
Esoteric Skill: Spiral Impact.png Esoteric Skill: Spiral Impact 10 8 seconds Perform a powerful strike that can distort space. On hit, inflict X Damage.
Sky Shattering Blow.png Sky Shattering Blow 10 8 seconds Perform a roundhouse kick, dealing X Damage. Use the skill again to kick upward, sending targets flying for X Damage. You can change your direction during additional attacks.
Lightning Kick.png Lightning Kick 10 9 seconds Deliver a flurry of kicks that inflict X [Lightning] Damage three times, and strike down at foes causing X Damage. Downed foes are lifted off the ground, and airborne foes are slammed onto the ground for X Damage.
Triple Fist.png Triple Fist 10 6 seconds Violently swing your fists 3 times while advancing 4 meters forward, inflicting X, X, and X Damage.
Moon Flash Kick.png Moon Flash Kick 10 22 seconds Charge forward while kicking, inflicting X, X Damage. Press the skill hotkey 3 times to deliver 4 kicks at amazing speed that inflict X total Damage, another spinning back kick to inflict X Damage, followed by the finishing blow that inflicts X Damage and knocks foes back.
Violent Tiger.png Violent Tiger 10 16 seconds Kicks 2 times forward, dealing X, X Damage. Use the skill again to rotate and inflict X Damage 2 times and launch a powerful kick forward to deal X Damage.
Storm Dragon Awakening.png Storm Dragon Awakening 12 8 seconds Deliver a roundhouse kick, inflicting X Damage to the foe 2 times. Then attack an airborne foe to launch them into the air. Use the skill again within 2s to perform a knee attack that inflicts X Damage. Attack an airborne foe or a fallen foe to launch them into the air. Use the skill again within 2s to become immune to Paralysis and roll forward to perform a downward strike that inflicts X, X Damage. Airborne foes will be slammed into the ground. Each time you use additional skills, Cooldown +2s.
Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges.png Esoteric Skill: Tiger Emerges 14 24 seconds Gather [Fire] energy and advance 4 meters forward, inflicting X, X Damage and performing a upward attack that inflicts X Damage 3 times.
Sleeping Ascent Celebration.png Sleeping Ascent Celebration 16 16 seconds Tackle foes, inflicting X, X Damage. Use as a combo to deliver a upper kick and inflict X Damage, launching foes into the air. You can change the attack direction while performing the additional strike.
Berserk Circle.png Berserk Circle 18 16 seconds Jump up and strike the ground to inflict X Damage. Foes that enter the earthquake range will be launched airborne for X additional damage.
Flash Heat Fang.png Flash Heat Fang 20 14 seconds Throw punches to inflict X total Damage over 9 hits, followed by a finishing blow that inflicts X Damage.
Swift Wind Kick.png Swift Wind Kick 20 20 seconds Deliver a spinning kick in the air, attacking foes 22 times, inflicting up to X Damage over 2.5s. You can move up to 14 meters while using this skill, changing the direction with your cursor.
Phoenix Advent.png Phoenix Advent 24 18 seconds Focus [Fire] energy and soar into the air to land at the target location within 7 meters. Inflict 22 and X Damage as you come down, and X Damage upon hitting the ground, knocking foes down.
Esoteric Skill: Call of the Wind God.png Esoteric Skill: Call of the Wind God 28 16 seconds Create a tornado that attacks foes for X Damage 13 times over 3s and pulls foes close. Can move up to 12 meters while using this skill.
Lightning Whisper.png Lightning Whisper 32 25 seconds Roll forward and summon lightning, inflicting X Damage. On hit, foe Crit Resistance -3.0% for 6s.
Sweeping Kick.png Sweeping Kick 36 25 seconds Sweep foes off their feet, inflicting X Damage 2 times. Use the skill one additional time to change your direction and deliver a spinning kick in the air, inflicting X, X, X Damage.
Esoteric Skill: Blast Formation.png Esoteric Skill: Blast Formation 40 20 seconds Strike at the ground to cause 3 explosions. The explosions advance forward in consecutive order to inflict X, X, and X Damage, knocking foes back. You have Paralysis Immunity while using this skill.
Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike.png Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike 50 18 seconds Gather [Lightning] energy that penetrates foes. Kick and knock foes into the air, inflicting X Damage.

Awakening Skills

Icon Name Level Req. Cooldown Description
Ultimate Skill: Explosive Heat Awakening.png Ultimate Skill: Explosive Heat Awakening 50 300 seconds Advance 4 meters forward and strike 4 times with explosive attacks that inflict X, X, X, and X Damage. If the first strike fails, subsequent attacks will be canceled.
Ultimate Skill: True Heavenly Awakening.png Ultimate Skill: True Heavenly Awakening 50 300 seconds Gather powerful energy in your legs and draw a wide trajectory before kicking 2 times to inflict X and X Damage and send foes airborne.

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