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Soulfist is an advanced class for the female martial artist found in Lost Ark. She is primarily a melee class that uses a focus as her main weapon.

Additional Info

The soulfist switches between melee and ranged attacks, which can be used together for explosively powerful combos. They channel a special energy called Adamance, which they can imbue into abilities or use to sustain themselves through fights.
~ Official Description


Due to the complexity of the skill system, all skills on this page are displayed at level 1 with no effects applied. Please see the skill page for additional information. Scaling damage values are represented by X.

Specialty Skill

Normal Skills

Icon Name Level Req. Cooldown Description
Venomous Fist.png Venomous Fist 10 8 seconds Throw your palms forward to inflict X Damage over 9 hits, then X Damage as you pull in foes. There is a 30% chance that foes will be Poisoned for 3s upon hit.
Energy Bullet.png Energy Bullet 10 8 seconds Quickly shoot condensed energy ahead of you 3 times. Foes take X Damage every 1 hit.
Magnetic Palm.png Magnetic Palm 10 14 seconds Jump 3 meters forward and inflict X Damage 3 times. Smash the ground with your palm and draw foes near while inflicting X Damage. Release your palm to launch the pulled foes in the air for X Damage. Hold the skill hotkey to shoot your energy into the ground for up to 1s.
Pulverizing Palm.png Pulverizing Palm 10 9 seconds Quickly dash 4 meters forward, inflicting X Damage. Strike foes with energy-charged palms to inflict X Damage 2 times and deliver the last strike to inflict X Damage. The last strike inflicts +100% Damage on airborne foes.
Bolting Crash.png Bolting Crash 10 12 seconds Dart forward and trip foes to inflict X Damage, then advance 3 meters forward to crash into foes, knocking them back for X Damage.
Deadly Finger.png Deadly Finger 10 16 seconds Dodge 2 meters backwards and quickly thrust your finger diagonally at the sky multiple times, inflicting X Damage 6 times. Damage to airborne foes +30%.
Lightning Palm.png Lightning Palm 12 16 seconds Push your palms, inflicting X Damage to foes. Airborne foes are knocked back when hit.
Heavenly Squash.png Heavenly Squash 14 20 seconds Drop a massive palm at the target location, inflicting X Damage. Damage +30% to foes down on the ground or in the air.
Flash Step.png Flash Step 16 8 seconds Rapidly move toward the target location, inflicting X Damage to foes at the destination. Airborne foes are launched back into the air when hit. Use the skill again within 2s to use the skill 2 more times. Cooldown +4s and Energy consumption by 2x per additional use.
Palm Burst.png Palm Burst 18 18 seconds Concentrate energy on your palms and release it forward to inflict X Damage, moving 3 meters backward.
Tempest Blast.png Tempest Blast 20 24 seconds Shoot energy forward, and then push your palms again to shoot a larger, more powerful plume of energy that inflicts X Damage.
Shadowbreaker.png Shadowbreaker 24 16 seconds Quickly strike the ground where you stand with your palm 2 times, inflicting X and X Damage. Strike again with the other palm to inflict X Damage. The first strike instantly slams airborne foes onto the ground, inflicting 50% more Damage.
Force Orb.png Force Orb 28 18 seconds Quickly shoot a powerful energy ball from your palm. This ball slowly disperses, attacking foes and knocking them down inflicting X Damage.
Crippling Barrier.png Crippling Barrier 32 24 seconds Release a barrier around yourself, which slows down foes within range. Hold for up to 3s to sustain the barrier and inflict X Damage 11 times. Each hit casts a debuff on foes, causing Move Speed and Atk. Power -10%. This debuff stacks up to 4 times.
Merciless Pummel.png Merciless Pummel 36 20 seconds Move 2 meters forward and deliver a punch to inflict X Damage, followed by a right kick and a straight punch, inflicting 150 and X Damage. You can change the attack direction in between the blows.
Energy Blast.png Energy Blast 40 30 seconds Focus energy on your hands and hurl it toward the target location to inflict X Damage, knocking foes away. Hold for up to 3s to inflict X Damage over 20 hits, while freely changing the attack direction.
Energy Release.png Energy Release 50 30 seconds Rotate your arms, and then stomp on the ground in a controlled manner, sending forth a shockwave. All party members within a 24 meter radius receive -12% Damage for 6s.

Awakening Skills

Icon Name Level Req. Cooldown Description
World Decimation.png World Decimation 50 300 seconds Perform an attack at the target location. Raise your hands above your head and concentrate energy for 3s, and then drop it on the selected area, inflicting X Damage to foes.
Annihilating Ray.png Annihilating Ray 50 300 seconds Gather energy and shoot an energy ray forward. Hold the skill hotkey to hit foes up to 5 times, inflicting X Damage over up to 1.5s. Afterwards, a comrade's soul appears to lend you energy and hurls an even stronger blast that attacks foes at the front 6 times over 1.2s, inflicting up to X Damage and knocking them back. If you stop holding before the Holding Meter is maxed out, the comrade's soul will appear and attack foes instantly.

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