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Scrapper is an advanced class for the female martial artist found in Lost Ark. She is primarily a melee class that uses heavy gauntlets as her main weapon.

Additional Info

Armed with a heavy gauntlet, scrappers draw on two inverse forms of attack energy that feed off each other to deliver nonstop destruction. With excellent attack, defense, mobility, and lasting power, they're well balanced enough to throw enemies off their guard.
~ Official Description


Due to the complexity of the skill system, all skills on this page are displayed at level 1 with no effects applied. Please see the skill page for additional information. Scaling damage values are represented by X.

Specialty Skill

Normal Skills

Icon Name Level Req. Cooldown Description
Charging Blow.png Charging Blow 10 5 seconds Charge quickly to inflict X Damage 3 times, then land a strike with your gauntlet, inflicting X Damage.
Dragon Advent.png Dragon Advent 10 16 seconds Focus [Fire] energy to leap to the target location within 10 meters attacking foes for X Damage, knocking them down.
Judgment.png Judgment 10 6 seconds Leap into the air and strike down, inflicting X Damage. Foes on the ground take X additional Damage and are knocked down.
Crushing Smite.png Crushing Smite 10 8 seconds Launch up to 3 shockwaves forward, inflicting X, X, X Damage.
Roundup Sweep.png Roundup Sweep 10 8 seconds Throw a diagonal punch to inflict X Damage.
Fierce Tiger Strike.png Fierce Tiger Strike 10 8 seconds Deliver 2 swift blows to inflict X Damage twice, then knock foes down for X Damage.
Instant Hit.png Instant Hit 12 20 seconds Land a flashing strike, inflicting X Damage and stunning foes for 3s.
Death Rattle.png Death Rattle 14 24 seconds Release all condensed shock energy, inflicting X Damage and knocking foes back. Depending on the amount of shock energy you have, Damage +15% if shock energy is between 0-25%, +30% if it's between 26%-50%, +45% if it's between 51%-75%, and +60% if it's between 76%-100%.
Earthquake Chain.png Earthquake Chain 16 16 seconds Stomp the ground, inflicting X Damage to nearby foes and knocking them down.
Critical Blow.png Critical Blow 18 20 seconds Concentrate energy onto your gauntlets, and then launch a powerful shock energy attack, inflicting X Damage. Hold down the skill hotkey to charge. When overcharged, this skill inflicts X Damage, and then X Damage with the following wave attack.
Chain Destruction Fist.png Chain Destruction Fist 20 30 seconds Smash the ground to shake the earth.

You attack foes up to 4 times for X, X, X, and X Damage, the Damage radius increasing from 3 meters to 5 meters with each hit. The last strike will launch foes in the air.

Battering Fists.png Battering Fists 20 16 seconds Throw a punch to inflict X Damage. Hold the skill hotkey for up to 1s to launch a flurry of jabs to attack foes for X Damage 6 times. Then dash 2 meters forward for X Damage, followed by a hook that inflicts X Damage.
Continuous Push.png Continuous Push 24 24 seconds Charge while swinging your fists. Each hit inflicts X Damage. Use the skill again and hold it down to attack 10 times over up to 4s. On hit, incoming Damage -5% for 1s. Stacks up to 10 times. You are immune to Paralysis while this skill is active.
True Rising Fist.png True Rising Fist 28 24 seconds Deliver a rising attack forward to inflict X and X Damage. Use the skill again while in the air to land at the target location with a smash, inflicting X Damage. Damage +50% against pushed foes.
Iron Cannon Blow.png Iron Cannon Blow 32 16 seconds Land an elbow strike that inflicts X Damage, then turn around to strike again, inflicting another X Damage. Use the skill again to land powerful punches while moving slightly forward, inflicting X Damage.
Shredding Strike.png Shredding Strike 36 24 seconds Concentrate energy onto your arms for 1s while facing forward, and then instantly glide 3 meters forward, inflicting X Damage along the way and throw a punch, inflicting X Damage. This skill's Damage varies, depending on the amount of Shock Energy you have. (0 - 25% Shock Meter: +15%, 26 - 50% Shock Meter: +30%, 51 - 75% Shock Meter: +45%, 76 - 100% Shock Meter: +60%)
Chain of Resonance.png Chain of Resonance 40 15 seconds Launch a shockwave forward to inflict X Damage, then pull foes to you, inflicting X Damage.
Supernova.png Supernova 50 30 seconds Blow up the condensed shock energy to inflict X Damage and pull foes together while inflicting X Damage, then land a finishing blow that inflicts X Damage.

Awakening Skills

Icon Name Level Req. Cooldown Description
Undefeated Dragon King.png Undefeated Dragon King 50 300 seconds Perform an attack at the target location. Concentrate energy throughout your body and inflict X Damage while moving toward the target location. 2 black dragons emerge from the ground and fly alongside you, obliterating your destination in tandem. You can move up to 13 meters.
Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination.png Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination 50 300 seconds Focus your mind and reinforce your gauntlets to deliver a powerful strike. Gather the energy in the air onto your gauntlets and thrust forward. The ground cracks, dispersing an energy wave that reaches as far as 14 meters, knocking foes back. The Damage of the wave differs depending on the distance it travels. X Damage within 0-2 meters, X Damage within 2-4 meters, X Damage within 4-6 meters, X Damage within 6-8 meters, X Damage within 8-10 meters, X Damage within 10-12 meters, and X Damage within 12-14 meters.

Exclusive Engravings

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