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The text of a quest with description, objectives and rewards

A Quest is series of objectives in Lost Ark that players can complete to earn various rewards such as Combat XP, Roster XP, Silver and Items. Icons on the map mark the locations of available quests and current objectives.

Types of quests[]

Main Quest Icon.png Main Quests make up the main storyline of the game. These are typically received by continuing a conversation with an NPC after completing the previous quest.
World Quest Icon.png World Quests take the place of Main Quests after the main story has been completed, and allow more flexibility in the player's choices.
Normal Quest Icon.png Normal Quests are side quests outside of the main storyline, and are received by talking to NPCs. New available quests are marked by an Normal Quest Start Icon.png exclamation mark icon, and the final objective is marked by a Normal Quest End Icon.png question mark icon.
Stronghold Quest Icon.png Stronghold Quests unlock the player's Stronghold and teach how to use its various features.
Chain Quest Icon.png Chain Quests are similar to normal quests, but are grouped into series of related quests.
Dungeon Quest Icon.png Dungeon Quests are received automatically upon entering a dungeon, and must be completed to clear the dungeon.
Rapport Quest Icon.png Rapport Quests are special quests that can be completed to raise the player character's rapport with an NPC.
Sudden Quest Icon.png Sudden Quests are surprise quests that are received automatically upon entering certain areas. These quests fail if the player leaves the area or the timer runs out before all conditions are met.
Adventure Quest Icon.png Adventure Quests are tutorials that unlock gameplay features such as Pets and Trade Skills.
Daily Una's Tasks Icon.pngWeekly Una's Tasks Icon.png Una's Tasks are daily and weekly quests that players can complete for special rewards.
Event Quest Icon.png Event Quests are special quests that are only available for a limited time.