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Pets are animals or objects that follow you in Lost Ark. They collect dropped items for the player and can give them buffs.


Pets are animals and objects that can be summoned to follow the player character in Lost Ark. They auto-loot items, provide passive buffs, and, when activated, allow access to pet functions.

Pet Effects[]

Pet effects are passive offensive or defensive buffs that impact the player. They can be obtained once the player's first pet is registered, and remain activate for as long as the pet is summoned. Pet effects can only be applied when crystalline is activated, and may be changed via management NPCs.

Offensive Effects Defensive Effects
Crit: +2-10% Magical Damage Reduction: +1-5%
Domination: +2-10% Magical Defense: +2-10%
Endurance: +2-10% Max HP: +1-5%
Expertise: +2-10% Physical Damage Reduction: +1-5%
Specialization: +2-20% Physical Defense: +2-10%
Swiftness: +2-10%

Pet Functions[]

Pet functions can be activated using Crystalline Aura and are accessible via the pet inventory buttons or pet context menus.

List of Pet Functions:

  • Pet Inventory
  • Remote Storage
  • Market
  • Remote Mail
  • Remote Repair
  • Gem

List of Pets[]

Founder's Exclusive Pet.png Cat Pet Selection Chest[]

Pet LoLA Helgaia.png Helgaia Selection Box[]

Pet Saphia.png Saphia Selection Chest[]

Totoiki.png Totoiki Pets[]

Arong pet.png Sebastian Pet Chest[]


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