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This is the main questline of Lost Ark. Complete it to unlock various quality of life improvements and additional types of quests and content.

List of Quests[]

Quests marked with † are only listed in the Quest Journal while they are active; they do not show up under the Completed Quests tab.


  1. Crossroads of Destiny

Trua, the Forgotten Land[]

The quests in Trua constitute the game's prologue. When not in combat, the player can skip the remainder of the prologue. If the player completes the entire prologue, a chest containing Arthetinean Engineer's Goggles will be sent to the player's mailbox (limit of once per Roster).

  1. To the Forgotten Land
  2. Bird in the Ruins
  3. Old Prophecy Calls
  4. Released Light of Destiny



West Luterra[]

East Luterra[]


  1. Finding the Arks

Upon receiving this quest World Quests become available, and take the place of Main Quests to continue the main story.