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Kharmine is a character in Lost Ark. Kharmine is one of the primary antagonists in the main story questline.

An insidious Demon who operates with ill intent. He has the ability to absorb the powers of other demons.
~ Kharmine Card


As Morpheus, Kharmine portrays himself to be a weak and almost timid individual. He is soft-spoken and is grateful for the player’s assistance throughout the time they spend together. While he's shown to have concern for the well-being of others, he has little sympathy for those that are greedy.

In reality, Kharmine is an arrogant and manipulative demon who takes pleasure in hurting others. Once somebody has expended their usefulness to him, he has no problem with abandoning them and, in some cases absorbing their powers if they are demons.



The Forgotten Land: The Hunt for Treasure[]

Kharmine makes his initial appearance as Morpheus in Trua, The Forgotten Land.

Quickly befriending the player, the two alongside, Gerka’s crew search for a hidden treasure that is supposed to be a clue to where to find the Ark.

Along the way, Gerka and his crew are turned to stone as they ignore Kharmine’s (as Morpheus) warning about a trap. (The player is given the option to try and save Gerka or leave him.)

  • If the player chooses to help, Kharmine will intercept and tell the player that Gerka’s greed would have killed them.
  • If the player chooses to leave Gerka, Kharmine will say that his death was the price of greed.

With him and the player being the only ones left, the two continue to hunt for the treasure. Upon finding it, Kharmine is saved from Astolique by the player. Not soon later, the treasure reveals that the player is the Chosen One and is told to go to Prideholme.

The two continue to travel together until they reach Runa Pass and bid their farewells. As soon as the player is out of sight, Kharmine drops his disguise and turns into his demonic form. He speaks to himself about the destiny they share before disappearing through a portal.

Rethramis: Hunt for the Missing Tablet Piece[]

Working in the background, Kharmine placed a curse on the Toxiclaw robbers to force them to search for the missing piece of the Tablet of Revelations.

In search of the tablet, the Toxiclaws end up terrorizing the people of Loghill, sending the player on various quests to control them. Eventually, Lieutenant Mago would be the one to find the missing piece in Kolsh Valley and deliver it to their leader Ugo.  

By the time the player finds Ugo in Toxiclaw Cavern, it's too late as they witness Ugo hand over the piece to Kharmine. Pleased, Kharmine promptly makes his way to Prideholme to discover the secrets of the tablet.


Prideholme Under Attack[]

By the time the player and Armen make it to Prideholme, Kharmine had already summoned a horde of demons to attack the village.

As the two are fighting their way through the demons, Kharmine is within the cathedral making quick work of the priests and monks. While holding a monk hostage, he demands Varut to tell him what the tablet says, but Varut refuses to speak.

Just before Kharmine can turn his wrath onto Varut, Armen arrives and the two engage in battle. While Kharmine is able to overpower him at first, Armen is forced to use his demon form and manages to send Kharmine flying onto his back. Impressed that Armen has so much power despite being a Delain, Kharmine laughs it off before taking his leave.