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Gunlancer is an advanced class for the male warrior found in Lost Ark. He is primarily a melee class that uses a shield and gunlance as his main weapon.

Additional Info

As the first line of defense, gunlancers take the brunt of enemy attacks with their defensive stance and battlefield shield to keep the rest of their party safe. While their gun lance is a formidable weapon, their true value derives from their ability to protect allies and absorb damage like a sponge.
~ Official Description


Due to the complexity of the skill system, all skills on this page are displayed at level 1 with no effects applied. Please see the skill page for additional information. Scaling damage values are represented by X.

Specialty Skill

Normal Skills

Icon Name Level Req. Cooldown Description
Bash.png Bash 10 10 seconds Perform a shield attack that inflicts X Damage and stuns foes for 3s.
Dash Upper Fire.png Dash Upper Fire 10 16 seconds Advance 3 meters forward, striking foes with your gunlance to inflict Damage, launching them into the air. Use the skill again to fire a shell and inflict X Damage.
Fire Bullet.png Fire Bullet 10 7 seconds Perform a shelling attack at foes at close range, inflicting X Damage.
Rising Gunlance.png Rising Gunlance 10 9 seconds Inflict X Damage by sticking the spear into the ground, then pull it out to inflict X Damage to foes in front of you, launching them into the air.
Sharp Gunlance.png Sharp Gunlance 10 5 seconds Thrust the spear forward, inflicting X Damage.
Shield Bash.png Shield Bash 10 9 seconds Perform a fierce shield swing to inflict X Damage. Use the skill again to inflict X Damage with the following swing.
Leap Attack.png Leap Attack 12 16 seconds Leap 9 meters toward the target location to strike at the ground, inflicting X Damage.
Guardian's Thunderbolt.png Guardian's Thunderbolt 14 20 seconds Call forth a lightning strike from the sky to inflict X [Lightning] Damage to foes in a 5 meter radius, electrocuting them for 3s.
Hook Chain.png Hook Chain 16 24 seconds Throw a long chained hook to inflict X Damage, then pull that foe to you, inflicting X Damage.
Shield Charge.png Shield Charge 18 16 seconds Charge forward with your shield raised in front of you. While charging, inflict X Damage with each hit.
Charged Stinger.png Charged Stinger 20 30 seconds While in a defensive stance, focus energy and thrust the spear in front of you.

You can slowly change the direction of the attack while focusing energy. Damage varies according to the charge stage: X Damage when undercharged, X Damage on Level 1, and X Damage when overcharged.

Shout of Hatred.png Shout of Hatred 24 30 seconds Let out a fierce roar. Inflicts X Damage to foes within a 8 meter radius, taunting non-player foes for 5s and disabling certain skills on them. Challenge or higher foes cannot be taunted again for a set period of time.
Shield Shock.png Shield Shock 28 12 seconds Strike the ground with your shield, inflicting X Damage. Foe Move Speed -40% for 4s.
Counter Gunlance.png Counter Gunlance 32 20 seconds Raise the shield to defend attacks from the front for 2s. You can negate the Damage using 10000% of Max HP.

If you defend an attack, perform a counterattack within 1s, inflicting X Damage and knocking foes back.

Nellasia's Energy.png Nellasia's Energy 36 40 seconds Let out a roar. Damage to all party members in a 24 meter radius -10% for 6s.
Gunlance Shot.png Gunlance Shot 40 18 seconds Perform a vicious thrusting attack to inflict X Damage and focus energy at the tip of the gunlance. The energy draws foes toward you, inflicting X total Damage. When the energy is charged enough, fire a shell to inflict X Damage and launch the foe into the air.
Surge Cannon.png Surge Cannon 50 30 seconds Compress the energy using the exploder on your weapon, then propel it out in front of you.

If the energy is not fully compressed, inflict X Damage and push foes away. When fully compressed, inflict X Damage and knock back foes.

Awakening Skills

Icon Name Level Req. Cooldown Description
Guardian's Protection.png Guardian's Protection 50 300 seconds Upon using the skill, recover 100% Shield Meter and release a 10 meter radius protection aura in the nearby area for 10s. Foes within the aura take X Damage and become stunned for 4s. Within the aura, all party members take -40.0% less Damage and become immune to Pushes and debuffs.
Lance of Judgment.png Lance of Judgment 50 300 seconds Summon a giganticspear of light at the target location, inflicting X [Holy] Damage and launching foes into the air. Crit Rate +10% for all party members within a 5 meter radius for 10s.

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