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Excavating is a trade skill which involves digging the earth to find valuable relics. The gathered materials are used in the player's stronghold for the crafting of upgrades and improvements.

Summary[ | ]


Normal Skills[ | ]

Unlocked Icon Skill Name Description
Lv. 1 Relic Search icon Relic Search
Focus your senses to find hidden relics in your surroundings. The first to find a relic has priority to interact with it for 7s.
180 Work Energy consumed upon Digging.
Cooldown 10s.
Lv. 1 Sonar icon Sonar
The distance to the relic can be measured using sound.
The sensor signal reacts faster the closer you are to the relic.
Cooldown 7s.
Lv. 10 Loot Hunter icon Loot Hunter
Increases your chance to find a treasure chest when investigating a relic.
Discovered treasure chests will disappear after a while.
Lv. 20 Excavation icon Excavation
Carefully excavate a hidden relic with a brush.
This skill can only be used when you have 5 stacks of [Archaeological Senses], a buff granted upon digging.
Costs 180 Work Energy
Lv. 30 Sniffer Dog icon Sniffer Dog
Summon a sniffer dog to locate hidden relics. Increases Rare material drop rate. Sniffer Dogs last 120s.
+180 Work Energy consumed when Digging.
Cooldown 5m.

Mastery Skills[ | ]

Unlocked Icon Skill Name Description
Lv. 1 Relic Appraiser icon Relic Appraiser Increases chance of getting Rare materials from Digging
Lv. 2 Master of Digging icon Master of Digging Reduces chance of tool durability loss
Lv. 3 Master of Archaeology icon Master of Archaeology Increases Digging speed