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The Demon Legions are an army of demon legions founded and led by Kazeros who lives in the World of Chaos and is the main antagonists of Lost Ark. Long time ago, the demons were defeated by the heroes with the help of the Ark. Kazeros opened the Chaos Gates, releasing his six legions to take over the world of Arkrasia.

Description[ | ]

Legions[ | ]

There are six different legions of demons that each with their abilities.

Members[ | ]

Leaders[ | ]

Commanders[ | ]

The highest-ranking, most powerful Legion leaders chosen by Kazeros.

  • Thaemine (Commander of the Darkness Legion)
  • Akkan (Commander of the Plague Legion)
  • Brelshaza (Commander of the Phantom Legion)
  • Kakul Saydon (Commander of the Mayhem Legion)
  • Vykas (Commander of the Covetous Legion)
  • Valtan (Commander of the Demon Beast Legion)

Other Members[ | ]

Troops[ | ]

History[ | ]