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The Cat Pet Selection Chest contains three obtainable Epic Pets in Lost Ark, available from all tiers of Founder Packs.


Picture Name Description Stronghold Dispatch Effect
Jamis pet.jpg


The leader of all cats in Vern. Brave and fair, Jamis is the true king of all Vernese cats.
Flame icon.JPG
Hardship Specialized: Flame

Additional Adaptation Bonus: 1%

Nerran pet.jpg


A cat that rules over the cats on the street and in back alleys. Known for its coldhearted kitty punches delivered to its foes in the dark.
Darkness icon.JPG
Hardship Specialized: Darkness

Additional Adaptation Bonus: 1%

Lisette pet.jpg


The queen of Vernese cats. Its elegant steps would leave the cats speechless in awe.
Ice icon.jpg
Hardship Specialized: Ice

Additional Adaptation Bonus: 1%