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Artillerist is an advanced class for the male gunner found in Lost Ark. He is primarily a ranged class that uses heavy launchers as his main weapon.

Additional Info

Artillerists believe in firepower and lots of it, blasting their enemies with some of the biggest guns under the sun. They may not be the most mobile fighters, but they make up for their lack of agility with huge mechanical launchers and other hard-hitting weapons, heavy armor, and incredible destructive force.
~ Official Description


Due to the complexity of the skill system, all skills on this page are displayed at level 1 with no effects applied. Please see the skill page for additional information. Scaling damage values are represented by X.

Specialty Skill

Normal Skills

Icon Name Level Req. Cooldown Description
Enhanced Shell.png Enhanced Shell 10 5 seconds Fire a massive bullet to inflict X Damage.
Freeze Shell.png Freeze Shell 10 6 seconds Fire a large-caliber bullet, inflicting X [Water] Damage and causing foe Move Speed - 60% for 4s.
Buckshot.png Buckshot 10 8 seconds Fire a cone-shaped blast with a shotgun, inflicting X Damage and pushing foes away.
Howitzer.png Howitzer 10 12 seconds Fire an explosive cannon at the target location, inflicting X Damage and launching foes into the air.
Gatling Gun.png Gatling Gun 10 16 seconds Spin toward the target location and fire your machine gun 24 times over 3s to inflict up to X Damage.
Napalm Shot.png Napalm Shot 10 18 seconds Detonate a napalm shell, launching foes into the air for X Damage. The napalm shell sets the ground ablaze on impact, inflicting 36 [Fire] Damage every second for 5s.
Bombardment: Howitzer.png Bombardment: Howitzer 10 12 seconds Bombard the target location and launch foes into the air for X Damage. On hit, foe Defense -12.0% for 12.0s.
Multiple Rocket Launcher.png Multiple Rocket Launcher 12 24 seconds Fire 5 missiles in random directions to inflict up to X Damage.
Flamethrower.png Flamethrower 14 20 seconds Fire your flamethrower in a single direction while moving freely. This flamethrower lasts for up to 4s, inflicting a total of X [Fire] Damage.
Swing.png Swing 16 16 seconds Swing your launcher, inflicting X Damage and stunning foes for 3s.
Air Raid.png Air Raid 18 20 seconds Fire multiple large-caliber bullets into the sky. They drop onto random foes, launching them into the air inflicting up to X Damage.
Jump Bombardment.png Jump Bombardment 20 20 seconds Jump vertically to bombard the area under your feet, inflicting X Damage and knocking foes back.
Bombardment: Focus Fire.png Bombardment: Focus Fire 20 30 seconds Spin at the target location while firing a barrage of bullets that inflict up to X Damage, launching foes into the air.
Summon Turret.png Summon Turret 24 1 seconds Summon a turret equipped with a machine gun. The turret attacks surrounding foes for 10s, inflicting X Damage with every attack.
Plasma Storm.png Plasma Storm 28 20 seconds Launch a plasma field that travels at a low speed toward foes, inflicting X Damage every 0.5s for 5s.
Gravity Explosion.png Gravity Explosion 32 30 seconds Generate a gravitational field, pulling foes and inflicting up to X Damage, then cause an explosion knocking foes away for X Damage.
Forward Barrage.png Forward Barrage 36 8 seconds Quickly fire a cannon to inflict X Damage.
Homing Barrage.png Homing Barrage 40 20 seconds Plant a homing device at a target location within 8 meters. A missile comes flying after 4s, exploding and launching foes into the air for X Damage.
Bombardment: Energy Cannon.png Bombardment: Energy Cannon 40 40 seconds Fire a powerful penetrating energy cannon, inflicting up to X Damage and knocking back foes. The skill is immediately cancelled if the key is pressed while the cannon is firing.
Bombardment: Impregnability.png Bombardment: Impregnability 40 30 seconds Creates a shield that absorbs Damage equal to 30% of Max HP for 8s. Shield expires when Barrage Mode ends.
Energy Field.png Energy Field 50 40 seconds Create a shield that absorbs Damage equal to 1500% of your Max HP for 4s.

Awakening Skills

Icon Name Level Req. Cooldown Description
Missile Barrage.png Missile Barrage 50 300 seconds Fire 20 rockets in the sky. The missiles fly to the target location and explode, inflicting up to X Damage.
Heavy Turret.png Heavy Turret 50 300 seconds Summon a heavy turret that lasts for 20s, inflicting X and X Damage with satellite-guided bombs and laser shots.




Artillerist from Heroes of Arkesia series.

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