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Armen is a famous traveling priest and healer in Lost Ark.


Armen is a priest, famed for healing those he encounters during his travels. While some are initially skeptical of his abilities, it doesn’t take Armen long to win their favor with his healing magic. An empathetic individual, he is shown to care deeply for others and desires to protect all people. He consistently goes out of his way to heal the injured and help the needy.

While Armen typically keeps a level head, he's not one to shy away from a fight in defense of others. On multiple occasions, this has led to him assuming his demon form. Although using it poses a risk to himself, it is a sacrifice he is willing to make.

A young priest searching for the lost Arks of legend in hopes of saving the mortal world and healing it's people.
~ Armen Card
Armen revealed his hidden power as a Delain. He uses his inner demonic power instead of his holy power.
~ delain Armen Card



Traveling to Prideholme[]

Armen is a famous priest and healer that first appears during the player tutorial on the ship ride to Trua, the Forgotten Land. He remains aboard the ship to Prideholme when the player character gets off.

The player first interacts with Armen directly in Runa Pass, during the quest The Priest by saving him from an assassination attempt. Armen then invites the player to ride in his carriage to Prideholme, and suggests working together in search of the Ark. However, as the two are traveling, they are attacked again and chased to the end of an incomplete bridge. While the carriage falls into the ravine, the player saves Armen from the same fate and the two have a standoff with the remaining Blackfoot assassins. After the fight, Armen realizes that he's going to be late and rushes to Prideholme’s cathedral. Just before he leaves he tells the player that there is a stone tablet at the cathedral that can tell them more about the Ark, and to meet up with him there.

Upon the player's arrival, Armen can be found healing a woman named Anna as a crowd watches in amazement. Recognizing the player, Armen will call out to them and speak of how they saved his life. After Father Varut gives his compliments to the player, he tells the two about the Tablet of Revelations that details everything that the church knows about the Ark. However, a piece of the tablet has gone missing in its transport to the cathedral, and the two decide to hunt for the missing piece.

Hunt for the Missing Tablet Piece[]

Armen is next seen again in Loghill as the player investigates some stone ruins. He tells the player that the darkness has returned to the world, and his reason for searching for the Ark, along with the missing tablet piece is to stop the darkness. Armen then leaves again to continue his search on his own.

Showing up in Kolsh Valley, Amen arrives in time to learn that the Toxiclaw robbers are also after the tablet. Unfortunately, Lieutenant Mago of the Toxiclaws has already found it and gave it to their leader Ugo. Just before dying, Mago tells Armen and the player that they’ll never get it back from their demon.

Continuing their hunt for the tablet, the Player and Armen make their way to Toxiclaw Cavern to retrieve it. However, they were too late, as Ugo already handed the tablet over to the demons. Realizing that Prideholme is now in danger, Armen rushes back to the city. 

Prideholme Under Attack[]

By the time Amren makes it to Prideholme he learns that the demon responsible for the chaos is Kharmine who's already summoned a horde of demons to attack the village.

While the two are fighting their way through the demons, Kharmine is within the cathedral making quick work of the priests and monks. While holding a monk hostage, he demands Varut to tell him what the tablet says, but Varut refuses to speak.

Just before Kharmine can turn his wrath onto Varut, Armen arrives and the two engage in battle. While Kharmine is able to overpower him at first, Armen is forced to use his demon form and manages to send Kharmine flying onto his back. Impressed that Armen has so much power despite being a Delain, Kharmine laughs it off before taking his leave.

Despite saving his life, Varut chastises Armen for using his demonic powers, warning him that the more he uses it the more he’ll be consumed by darkness. Armen, apologizes to Varut and promises to never use it again.


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