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The Arcana is one of the Classes in Lost Ark.


The Arcana uses cards as medium of powerful spells. She can cast cards chosen by a roulette wheel that spins according to special conditions.


The Arcana's gameplay revolves around using her cards at the right time in the most effective combination.

  1. The Showtime Card empowers the Arcana to deal tremendous amount of damage.
  2. The Arcana also has the Wheel Of Fate, which allows her to recast a previous ultimate ability.
Skill Name Level Req. Description
Arcana skill 01.png Quadra Accelerate 10 Shoot 4 times in a locked direction. Applys up to 2 card stacks on first connnecting and last hit.
Arcana skill 02.png Scratched Dealers 10 Combo. Dash forward and damage enmies in front of you. Recast to smash the ground knocking lesser enemies down. Apply up to 2 card stacks, on each hit one.
Arcana skill 03.png Call of Destiny 10 Deal damage in an area and knock enemies into the air.
Arcana skill 04.png Celestial Rain 10 Deal damage in an area. Deals bonus damage to enemies in the air, knocking them down to ground.

Consumes card stacks.

Arcana skill 05.png Spiral Edge 10
Arcana skill 06.png Flower Dance 10
Arcana skill 07.png Four Cards 12
Arcana skill 08.png Umlimited Shuffle 14
Arcana skill 09.png Checkmate 16
Arcana skill 10.png Return 20
Arcana skill 11.png Serendipity 20
Arcana skill 12.png Stream of Edge 24
Arcana skill 13.png Mysterious Rush 28
Arcana skill 14.png Infinity Shower 32
Arcana skill 15.png Dark Ressurection 36
Arcana skill 16.png Evoke 40
Arcana skill 17.png Secret Garden ??